My Kitty Babies, The Fur Girls, My Familiars, The Fuzzy Monkeys, above all, My Brat Cats. Whatever I call them en mass they are, after my Dragon, the most precious beings on the planet to me. Yes I am one of those oddballs that sees their pets as their children. And my pet of choice is, obviously, Cats. I have four of them. Sometimes they are all that keeps me from going insane. Just one look at them doing something silly or sleeping in the incredibly cute or goofy poses they can get to helps to ease my mind.
I've fixed up a page telling about each of them on their own. And a page of pictures, which is NOT for the dial up users as well I take a LOT of photos of my girls. There is also a section on other cats that are in my life. or have been in my life. ANd a Link go the Girls Live Journal. Though to see that you will need a journal of your own and have them add you.

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