The Following are some of my favorite places to visit on the web.

Cat Fancy is a great magazine for cal lovers

Mr. Anthony is one of my favorite authors, he writes SF and Fantasy books This is his personal home page

Another of my Favorites is Carole nelson Douglas

 My Dragon got me hooked BIG time on Harry potter. I've seen the movie and love it and have read all the books several times.  I highly recommend them.

Before there was Hogwarts and Harry potter there was Peter edmund susan and Lucky and Narina, a series of books I have always loved and they still hold a special  meaning to me.


In case you haven't guessed yet, I really love Disney.
this will take you to the official Disney page

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is my favorite composer, this is his company's home page.

The Cat Fairies page offers many items for pets, most made from all natural materials.


Michael Crawford is one of my favorite singers. His page tells more of him and his wonderful charity he runs.

I get a puzzle in my email from here everyday. it's lots of fun

I'm a member of Elfwood.

I go here for fun or to check on any rumors i've heard going about. 

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