Something marvelous happened back on the 7th of October 1982. A brand new play opened up in the Winter garden theater in New York City.  From it's first notes people could tell this was something  .. different, something unlike anything seen on Broadway before.
Andrew Lloyd Webber's play CATS based on T.S.Eliot's book of children's verses called "old Possums book of practical cats" was and is one of the most spectacular plays out there. it's developed a devote following all over the world.  And it holds the record for longest running play on Broadway.  It lasted till  Sept. 10 2000 when it was sadly (and imo stupidly) closed down. however it still plays in London, where it has original started. and it's American touring company is the longest running touring company in America.
I am one of the very devoted, I've seen it three times, once I was even lucky enough to see it on Broadway! I love every part of it, the music the dancing, the costumes. When it came out on video I went out, driving nearly an hour,  to go get myself a copy of it on THE day it came out. I've gotten so many people hooked onto this play as well. and have made up a race of Roleplay chars based off of Jellicals, and they have really caught on! Memory is my ultimo favort song and I have dressed up as Rumpelteazer (my favorite character) a few times, and hehe well I named on of my cats that as well!

Some of my favorite images from CATS
I collected theses from various places on the net

There are lots of other sights on CATS, here are some of my favorite.
The Ultimate CATS-Homepage
Rumpelteazers Hideout
Dancing in our hearts
CatAnna's Jellicle Jungle

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