Welcome oh ye who traverse the world wide Web to my little Patch of it. I am Softpaw, The Fae Kitty, and you've entered into my realm, called Underhill . 
A bright and friendly place to explore. Come and walk about here, you'll find many interesting things to see. The hills and valleys of my realm are just filled with many wonderful things.
To learn a little of the history of this place, stop of here first, before you begin your exploration.
As you walk around you'll first see a small cottage, with a thatch roof and covered in flowers and vines, this is my home, where you can go to learn about me, my Dragon, my friends and family, and some of my interests.
In the small woods next to the cottage you'll find an interesting sight, for upon every tree hangs a painting. These paintings are my fantasy artwork, placed up for your enjoyment. 
Once you've left the art glade you will come upon a small  meadow that has many felines about, this is where you can learn some about my favorite animal, the feline. There are Quotes about them, some felines that are famous or belong to famous people, a whole section on the play CATS and of course my own wonderful foursome that I call The Brat Cats.
Just past this meadow you'll see a large gap, spanned by a rainbow bridge, but alas you can not cross this bridge, tis revered for those animal  friends of ours that have gone on before us. But you can see many touching memorials to them, including my own dedicated to my beloved Muffin and Skye.
After leaving the somewhat somber bridge area you'll find a pool with wisteria all about, and flitting about the vines are fairies of every kind. Let them tell you about themselves. You might be surprised what they have to tell.
One fairy will break off from the others soon to led you to a small candle light cave, with pillars on each side. Inside this cave you'll find small scrolls, on each scroll you will find a different fairy tale, spanning many countries and writers.
When your done reading next you will happen upon a piano and some other instruments. Here you can take for yourself the music that you have heard on your journey in Underhill. and find out the words to many of the songs.
The next place you will happen upon in underhill is my little menagerie where you can visit all of my pets that I have collected on the net over the years. They are quite friendly and if you want they will lead you to where you can get one of your own.
After you leave the menagerie you'll find a spot that has just all kinds of different things in it, web rings, links to some of my favorite places on the web, the fonts I used on my pages, available for you to take, the awards I have ben blessed with and most important, a list of those that helped me make  this little place your in.
As you leave my realm you'll notice two small items, one is a journal , but alas, due to some unsavory types in the past, it is locked to those that do not have the key. If you wish to open it you must know how and then leave a note to let me know and you will recive a key. Next to it you will  find a small scroll and a pen, the guest book, please leave your name and any comments, so that I might know you visited my realm.

Realm of the Fae Kitty offers several awards for webpages. If you care to see what they are and if your page qualifies click HERE  and find out. 

This Wonderful painting was made for me by Jason Blackthorne, I know his Wife , Wren, from Ladies of the Myst. He did this marvelous painting for me as a surprise and I just love it. You Can see more of his Art work HERE


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Still trying to get the new Art page to work. 

Eventually every page on my sight will be one I made myself.

A new page will still be added to my personal pages soon. Bob and I have started going to Renaissance faire's and are now Cast members of a brand new local faire called White Hart Renaissance faire.

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The Music on this page is a song that a Friend composed just for me and is exclusive to Realm of the Fae Kitty, Called Softpaw's Theme.

Love you lots Mause thanks a ton for the every so lovely song.
You know how much I love it.

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My little Cottage where you can learn more about me, the Fae Kitty
The Art Glade, filled with my Fantasy artwork
The Fae Kitty's most favorite subject, FELINES!
Come, Meet The Fae Kitty's  own kitty girls.
A selection of Memorial pages for those that have lost beloved pets.
Fairies, a few littel just, fun things about the Fae.
The Fae Kitty's online collection of some of her favorite Fairy Tales.
All the midi's used on thse pages, and the lyrics to them.
Just a little bit of fun, The Fae Kitty's Cyber Pets.
Links, Credits, Rings, Awards, Fonts.
My live journal



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