I've decided I wanted to put up a history of my sight and a bit of background about it. I've had to dig into old files and logs to get dates and some are not exact but its as close as I can get it. I have a horrible memory and this page has been around a while.


This is the third address that my sight has been on. I started it WAY long time ago back in early January of 98, the closest to an exact date I can find is sometime before January 12th 98. It was on Geocities then. This was the pre-yahoo buying of Geocities. Its address was Http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/1655/. Yes way back when Geocities still did the neighborhood thing. I remember I chose heartland as while I was going to put stuff up about my cats, also about me. At the time I was still with my Ex Husband living in North Carolina. 
I started the page as a catharsis over the loss of my beloved Muffin. I had learned about the Legend of the Rainbow Bridge. And wanted to give others a place to set up memorials about their lost pets as well. At the time there where not a whole lot of places online to do so. Unlike now.
While the sight was started for memorials. I had to put more on it then just that. So I had some stuff about me, my cats, my artwork, IRC channel other things. It just evolved from there. But always had the Memorials as a big part of it.
A little while after Yahoo bought out Geocities I moved my sight to Freeservers. This was in July of 99. The address there was Http://www.softpaw.8m.com/  By that time in my life I had left my ex husband. Moved back to my parents. And then moved out again to live with my then boyfriend.
For a while I was a free user, then I wanted more space and no banners so I became a paid user. Same address I just could do more. I don't have the exact date for that, or even a round about date. Well other then it was after 2001. I know it had to be after that year at some point because I was living with Bob, my husband, at the time. The sight kept growing. I added pages about Fairy tales, faires, took out the pages about my IRC channel as it had its own page by then. 
By this time I had been learning to use psp and learning a bit more HTML. So I did a revamp of my pages and started creating my own websets for them. Which I am still working on a bit now. I got the front page done and some others and felt worthy to join Ladies of the Myst in August. So I did.
In Late 2001 and for a bit of early 2002 I did what are called "sight fights". Competitions between personal web page to see who could get the most votes for their page. Technically it was supposed to be vote for the best page. But it was really about who could troll up the most votes by vote exchanges and going to guest books and asking for them. I competed in The fantasy fights, Seven wonders of the World and in Camelot Dreams. I did pretty well, on Camelot Dreams I made it all the way to the last round in fact. I left them when I started to plan my wedding and couldn't take the time for them anymore.
At some point during the time I was at Freeservers my sight got used as a resource for a teachers studies on Fairy tales. I was and am quite proud of that fact. I wish I had the emails to be able to state the exact month and year that happened.
In March of 2005 the web page moved again. New address new host. It's where its at now. Fuitadnet and well the current address. I moved it as F-net gave me more space and more things I could do then Freeservers for less money. It was an effort to move, I had a LOT of links to change in places. But it was done. Took a couple days to get it fully. 
With the moving of the sight came a small problem. My Guest book and my counters had been done with Freeservers GCI codes that I could no longer access. In July of 2006 my friend Marsh found me a guest book code that worked more or less how I wanted it to. But still no counters.
On November 8th 2006 my sight was found by some, well, idiot guy who took a disliking to my sight and sent it to the web sight something awful *I am SO not liking to them*. And it got features as the sights "awful link of the day" . SA is a page that, well IMO is put up and used by people that have self esteem issues and feel that they must go and make fun of anything that does not fit into their "world view". Your school bully only on the internet. Or In a phrase learned from a friend, a sight full of people with AIIB.  AIIB = Artificially Inflated Internet Balls -- the phenomenon where people grow such big ones on the internet they say stuff they know they'd never get away with in person, and they go to special effort to be as mean as possible because all they get are angry words in response, without having to see the pain they cause so it's not "real" to them.
The reason given by the person that submitted it was "Every page on the site has an embedded MIDI. Crappy artwork, obsession with animals (especially cats), a whole section devoted to fairies...this is what happens when seven-year-old girls never grow up (the woman is 29). And it's hilarious." and when it was featured the reason given was "Soft Paw (thanks GrumpyDoctor) - In honor of this great day for democracy, let us reflect on some of the things democracy defends. It is because we have such a wonderful country and political system that a site like this is allowed to flourish. What is this site? I have absolutely no idea, but it seems to involve some kind of online guild of crazy broads and lots of terrible paintings of anthropomorphic cat women and fairies and other related nonsense." All of which makes me laugh at the narrow-mindedness and stupidity.
This caused me to get over 4000 hits in a day and some trolls in my shiny new guest book . As well as one hack attempt. When I had found out what was going on I put up a blank front page. Thankfully the losers on the sight have short attention spans. My sight is off the front page and no one is pestering me anymore. Also I spoke to F-net and they helped me take care of the trolls and said that the sudden increase in hits for a couple days didn't effect my bandwidth or anyone else on the server I am on. They took care of one persistent troll that would NOT leave me alone in my guest book as well.
I do have to say that all in all I came out of the SA attack pretty lightly. A handful of idiot comments in my guest book, one hack attempt and one persistent troll, all taken care of. I have heard people having MUCH MUCH worse problems when the people from that sight "come calling" . I guess most of them came, saw, found it not as bad as the people that linked to it said, and left.
In the summer of 2007 I moved hosts again. From f-net, which had gotten to small and their service went downhill dramatically To lunar pages.


Now for a bit of background as to why I do this sight and why it looks the way it does.
Yes, I am a woman in my 30's who's personal home page looks very girlie and at times childish. This is because I firmly believe that one never has to fully "grow up". If more people remembered how it is to be a child and took delight in the simple things, I believe the world would be a better place. I can and do act like a "grown up" when the time and place for that is called for. 
My personal web page is not one of those places where I need to act the adult. It is MY place. I can do with it how I want. And if that means it looks like what happens "when seven-year-old girls never grow up" then so be it. I am actually PROUD of that line from the goober that submitted me to SA. I have for years said that I am a child at heart and am always "going on nine".
This sight started, as I said above, as a catharsis to my loss of a cat I had for 14 years. It simply grew from that to include more of me and my life. Not everything in my life mind you. But a lot of it. So it will never be an "adult looking" sight. And if your the kind of person that can't understand that. Then your really the kind of person who needs to get in touch with their inner child more then anyone else.
As for some aspects of this sight, namely the spelling and word usage, I have Dysgraphia. It's akin to dyslexia. What it means is I have trouble spelling, and remembering things like  which bear or bare to use, but not with reading. It also has effected my math skills but those don't come into play on my web sight. I have a mild case of it, as it doesn't effect my motor skills. Just my writing.  I use spell check but it doesn't always catch everything.
It has music on the pages because I like having it there. At least I put the off button at the top of the page and not WAY down at the bottom like some I've seen. Or worse no way to turn it off at all.
It has become my place to play, to experiment with images and html styles. I love fonts so I have a variety of different ones for the pages. I have many MANY more fonts then I have used in making this sight.
And that's it for this page. Hit the button below to go back to my index page.