Welcome to my page for all my sprit gifts, both given to me and that I gave to others, while competing in the Fantasy fights as a Fae of the World. I'm looking forward to making lots more friends in this, and to have lot so f fun!

My welcoming gift from Ladie Wolf my Team leader for Fae of the World

Well my first week is over and what a great week it was! I thank all that voted for me. I've made some great new friends and am still making more! it's been a blast. and LOOK I made it I I past the first week in Midsummer Night levels of voting. I'm so thrilled! it's off to the Enchanted Whispers for me now!

My second week is over now, and I placed first in the Whispers! With a friday end score of 15 votes in a day! Yeah! and I've made a lot of new friends and have a growing group of supporters. I'm looking forward to next week in the Dance of the Fae.

Well my Third week at Fantasy fights is over, a short week only four days as a holiday was taken for Martin luther king day. and oh my! my scores jsut went up! thank you all that have been voting for me! I'm off to the levels now, the semi finals. it gets tough from here on out my goodness look at the others scores there. I hope I can manage a good showing

Well this week at Fantasy fights it got hard, I was in the semifinal level. and  well didn't make it so I'm back down to the whispers and have to work my way back up. but! I don't mind it was good just to get up to the levels so quickly. 

Christmas gifts from Fantasy fights

I've won a cheer awards lookie!

Come see my Fantasy Fights pocket pets! but just look don't take.

I'm a fae of the world! go Fae go!

*giggles* Look a gift from one of my VE buddies Aubrey of My Artbook. isn't it just precious!

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If you have found my sight worthy of your vote please take the two images below as my gift to you and as my thank you as well. your support means a lot to me

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