My first gift is from Duke Conny leader of the Castle Scribes team, the team I am on at camelot dreams. and its a double gift! It's for my birthday as well thank you ever so much

And I have received this welcome gift from him as well THank you ever so much

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A chronicle of my Quest for the Grail.

I stared my journey towards the end of December. it was a long road to Camelot as it 'twas the holiday season and many where on vacation. I waited  a while at the gates of the magnificent castle for my admittance, taking care to do all that was asked of me before hand. At last at last I met up with someone, a Duke Conny, a most wonderful man who had traveled to Camelot from Sweden. He informed me that I was to begin my quest as a Castle Scribe. I went to the room he was kind enough to give me direction to and got settled in, meeting many new people that I hope to become friends with even though I was battling with them for the grail.

My first week here is full of fun. I receive many visitors that  leave many messages in my guestbook,  it's fun going to all the new webpages to see the sits of all that  dropped by mine. many merry minstrels come by and bring with them much joy I have a very pleasing first week. Having fun, making new friends and battling hard.

I have learned however that I have  done well on my quest and now I am off to the tower to battle more. My wonderful Duke that I met while in scribes  has given me with this award to celebrate this event.  Wish me luck and vote for me if you deem me worthy of your vote

I spent the second week of my Quest in the Tower. A most interesting place The first thing that happened whilst I was there was I became a Design Wizard. And I am very Honored to be among them. I met many new people and learn more of the realm of Camelot. A place called the Abbey gets mentioned as wall as a group called the Evil 3 + 1. I ask what those are and in stead of an answer  I am Placed in the abby. oh horrors! I and others can Plea to get out of the abby. My beloved Dragon sends a please as well but alas it is turned down because he is not of Camelot And then OH NO! Instead of me being reunited with my beloved dragon our places are switched and he is placed with in. for his words in his please  did not set well with the abbess. I plea for his release and my Dragon sends a Letter of Apology for his words, others come to our aide and plead. And at last he is released. The rest of my stay in the tower is relatively uneventful . I find out at the end of the week that I journey next to  the Lake of Hope on my Quest. I've heard there is a  creature living it it. should be an interesting time. 

My third week of my Quest is rather  calm compared to last week I enjoyed my time at the lake. got to know the  Camelot dreams nessie and had a  picnic lunch. other then that not a lot to report. tis a very pretty place. I'm off to the Drawbridge now. it looks rather scary what with those big drop-offs on either side. Hope I do well

oh my goodness! the week was exciting! a war has broken out between the evil 3 +1 nd the dukes of Darkness. I looked at the sides then deiced to join with the third group, the Angels of Peace. much better place for this fae kitty. and on my quest front OH MY! I'm at the grail. i can see it it's almost mine to protect! just one more week then we will see what happens. I'm all excited!


My chronicle of my journey has been gifted with a musings  award from the  Goddess Of Goodwill. Im very flattered and surprised by this thank you

As I've journeyed about Camelot I've picked up a few things and would like to display them now

On my journey for the grail I have come across a group of helpers for others on the same quest, Wizards to speak, that help make graphics for others that are unable to for whatever reason. I requested to joint hem and I am pleased to say I have been accepted into there midst.

And from m'Lady Mercia head wizzard a gift of greeting

If you have found my sight worthy of your vote please take the two images below as my gift to you and as my thank you as well. your support means a lot to me

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