The Ladies of the myst, one of the most friendly caring fun loving groups of women that I have the honor of knowing. I discovered them while doing a search for fantasy pages and BOY did I find a lot. Then i joined the mailing list and found a wonderful group of ladies that feel like I do on many things. It's both a mailing list group and a web ring, but having a web page is not necessary to be a part of the mailing list.

  We have lots of fun talking over things like our web pages, graphics, girl talk and giving support on just about anything when needed.

  We also have a bit of fun in a kind role-play. for you see.. 


We recently found out about a so called Christian web ring that has blacklisted a number of web rings online because they have things like *gasp* fantasy pages or such in them there is a complete list of the banned rings HERE. and YUP  the Myst is on it, and we're PROUD of it! why, because  we feel that by being on it it shows that we are individuals who love all no matter what and do not judge others.

I have received a number of gifts from the ladies since I joined, please view them below and thank you all for them! they made me feel so welcomed!

This gift is from Novella's Nine year old daughter Hannah. isn't it just Adorable! I thank her with all my heart for it 


Thank you Butterfly for this lovely book!

Thank you Lady Shai

Thank you Lady Shai!

Thank you Lady Shai, once again :)

Thank you again Lady Shai!

 And once again! Thank you

Thank you Theresa for my custom winged fairy cat doll!

Thank you


 Lady Shaishana, has also sent to us a number go Growing things, to see them please go HERE, and check back to see how they've grown!


Sad news We've lost our dear sweet Paige, she has finely given in to the disease that ravaged her system. My heart goes out to Rosie and Davlova . A Condolence book is set up below for them.


Read about them enough and want to join now? Well to join the mailing list use the form below and to join the web ring click HERE

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