When I joined the Ladies of the Myst, Little did I know what had happened in the past to them. Nor was I expecting what was to befall me in the near future. It seems that in the past the ladies have a little trouble thanks to Queen Zoie. Who kidnaped them and took them to her space ship. 

things had just started to become normal when I joined, when someone started talking about her, then someone said her name, and then, then i got THIS in my mail. Queenie had Contacted me the first mail I just got a sight addy  and  she sent me a hideous guide. Well, I emailed her back 
"* a bit of feline curiosity finely perks up* hm..well a most interesting place..and guide..looks rather like a broccoli head..*smiles* so...your the Queenie I've heard about...this should be.. interesting


and this was her response


Hello Softpaw, what a cute little name you have. I am pleased you like your guide. Is broccoli head a pet  name you have for guides? It sounds quite quaint, *snicker*.
 I have visited your site and was very interested in seeing all you have. I think I have learned a bit
 about you. Yes I am the Queen Zoie you have heard all about & I promise that what you have heard is all to true. I hope you won't be disappointed. I also want to let you and the others know I am intrigued with the classes they are taking in learning to fight. I think my guards will get a kick out of you all.
 Well, I am off to get your accommodations ready. See you soon.

 Queen Zoie


you see she had also sent guides to the other ladies and we started immediately training for the next abduction, taking self defense lessons. I was given a Survival pack, that the others had put together after las time

Also, because of something that happened last time, Dear sweet Catie had some of my Fellow Fae come in and do all our hair up so that Queenie cant cut it off, the fae hairstyles are nice and decorated with all kinds of pretties, and wont ever come down unless we want it to! To commemorate that even Wren made us up these

We also started getting people to help us out while this was going on once such is a lovely Pegasus Named Princess

 And  then, another mail from Queenie! Not much said but this was attached to isn't she just the tackiest dresser?

 nothing was said on it so we continued our training for when she took us, a few days after miss Thrift shop up there we all got a boarding pass, this really terrified us all, and confused us, no one knew what was going on! 

Queenie went about two weeks with out saying anything to us then suddenly, I got this in my mail, nothing else on it, just this very ominous message

The VERY next day I got this

 I had been taken! and right during a date with my Dragon!

The other ladies soon where taken as ell, but we didn't sit idly by and let them do there experiments on us no not at all, we started rallying our forces and  fought back, while at home Rescue parties where put together. And a Maid was found to take care of our homes while we where gone. 


You'd think that with two such large creatures coming to our aid that Queenie would let us go, but nnnoooo, instead she sent us to be experimented on, by her doctor, Zorack. non of us liked it one little bit, They put me in a cage and cut off bits of my fur! thank heavens Guen got me out, now we're all about and exploring the ship looking for ways to get off it, while others are speeding to  our rescue, even more then our two good beasites from above! I do so hope they come soon, I'm getting quite tired of dodging guards and want to 
go home!  so hurry to us guys Hurry hurry! 


I myself managed to get into contact with a space fae and a nebula Pegasus is on it's way to the ship to help us get out! While a pair of Brave nights are planning the attack on the ship

we have had one nice thing happen to us so far while on the ship! it seems that Queenie's musicians have taken a liking to us. one morning after we woke up and took over the kitchen to make our own meal from the food in our packs (we don't trust Queenie's food) at our table we found little cards signed by the band and with this note attached

ANd to hear them just left click HERE!

Meanwhile, back at home more has happen, Seems my Dragon is wanting to help, he's gotten together with Sir Edmund *the ladies Dragon friend from the last abduction and is rallying forces to our aide. We also found out that we have a Proctor named Sarah! and she has the witchblade! she'll be a huge help in the attacks being planned on Queenie's ship.

We haven't heard from Queenie in a bit so are a bit worried and wondering what she's up to! but we're hanging in there! No bunch of wait for the rescue women are we, we're trying to find our own way off!

The Saga Continues


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