What is a Fae Kitty?

It's really very simple. A fae cat is both a  cat and a fairy!

Still confused? well maybe the images below will help. Remember a fae kitty, like a fairy can have any of a number of styles of wings, I myself, I have butterfly style but as you can see there are many kinds!

And my thanks to Catie of the Ladies of the Myst for finding these images! 

The following Six photos are of   Catapillers Plush animals that where designed by Sharon Lea Larsen. My Dragon got me one for Christmas. you can get more information on then and even order them by going HERE

I Recently discovered the works of Laura Von Stetina, she makes some of the adorable miniature figurines I have sever seen, bellow are  some of them. me I want them ALL they are just to cute. Some of them come with detailed little bio's about each "species" of Fae Kitty. Click on the iamges to see them better.  You can Order them online HERE

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