AHA! You found me it seems. Welcome to my pages. And now I suppose you wish to find out a bit more about me! Well my name is Jennifer but call me Softpaw, or the Fae Kitty. And your probably wondering what a Fae Kitty is. Well to find that out go here.

   Ok wanting to know more about me, well my name is Jennifer but online I go by Softpaw. I'm in my early 30's, I share my birthday with Elvis!.I'm five foot ten inches have red hair and odd eyes that are hazel around the pupil and blueygreeny around that. I wear glasses most times even though I have contacts. My build is very very slender, I only weight 125 lb and I have what I call a Dancers build. And NO I am NOT anorexic, nor do I have any eating disorder of any kind. I have been stopped by very rude complete strangers and asked if they can get me some help for my "problem" and that I really shouldn't be starving myself. I am just naturally thin. it's in my genes. So stop thinking all thin people are anorexic, becuse we're not.

   My father is a retired Lt.Col. in the Army and as thus I have lived in many places, my full list is as follows: Washington D.C.; Ft Huachuca, AZ; Clarksville, TN; Tampa, FL; Ft. Levenworth, KS; Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, West Germany; Fayetteville, NC; Seoul, South Korea; Walnut Ridge, AR; Powhatan, AR; Searcy, AR. and Winston-Salem, NC. England, AR, Little Rock, AR., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Greensboro, NC, Belleville, IL, and I am currently living in Aurora, MO, my husgand's home town.

   I come from a very close knit family, I'm the middle child, I have an older sister and a younger brother. My mother while my dad was still in the army was a stay at home mother. So we all had a rather blessed and privileged upbringing. After all how many people can say there sixth grade class trip was to Rome, Italy for a week!

  I'm really into the arts, it's where my skills lay, I was a drama major at Harding University  in Searcy Arkansas and while I love being on stage and singing and dancing, I also find great pleasure in making costumes and doing the make up.

Me as a CATS cat for halloween, I made the costume and the make up I did as well going off of an actual CATS makeup chart for the video version of Rumpelteazer!

 Apart from stage work, I also enjoy painting and cross stitching. I have some of my works scanned in and you can go see them at my Art page

   As one can probably guess with the fact that I am into drama, I LOVE musicals both film and stage. My absolute Favorite play is CATS by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In fact he is one of my Favorite composer. Along with Beethoven and Tchaikobskey. Webber Wrote my Favorite song , Memory. I think it's just so  beautiful.

   I'm really big into Disney. The music and the animated films. Of them my favorite is Beauty and the Beast. Ever since I saw it I just really identified with Belle, she's a smart strong woman who takes matters into her own hands, loves to read and is a bit of an outcast from those about her.

    Other movies I am fond of besides Beauty and The Beast are: The Court Jester with Danny Kaye, one of my favorite actors, The Princess Bride, Singing in the Rain, Anastasia, and The Wizard of Oz. There are very few actors or actresses I will go to a movie just because they are in it, and most of them are dead already ! But those few are Judy Garland, Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly, Katherine Hepburn and Michael Crawford. Michael Crawford is also my favorite signer I just love his voice and would dearly dearly like to see him perform live.

   I read a lot mostly sci fiction and fantasy (Xanth and Disc world are big favorites)  but I have a few mystery writers I love, Lilian Jackson Braun is one and Carol Nelson Douglas is the other. I even once got to meet Mrs. Braun at a cat show in  NC and she autographs a copy of "The Cat Who Tailed a Thief" for me.

In case you haven't figure it out yet, I love Fairies and 
 magic and fairy tales and cats. Yes I believe that the fairies and the magic is real. Call me stupid and childish if you wish, but that is just how I feel. To many things in life have a magical touch to them for me to  not believe. And i'm not the only one out there that believes. Many people do. one Group of people that believe are my friends that I have met on the Ladies of the Myst, web ring and mailing list, a wonderful group of fun loving feisty women and I am so privileged to know them and be a member. Love you all!

   I have many friends mostly online, and some may say that sounds silly and how can you have close friends online, well, you can, it's just like pen pals but, faster. My Closest friends are from  IRC and then those that belong to Ladies of the Myst are starting to become close as well. I've even  meet a number of my IRC friends and have plans to meet even more! I can hardly wait! 

  Me and my IRC friends all hang out in the out of Character channel of the Role play channel I own called #Gilded_Rose_Inn. Online role playing isn't like the role play most know about, It's more like writing one long collective story that's ongoing. no dice (at least not in my channel) or books or anything but your imagination.

I've was in the SCA for a while but after getting married we where unable to participate in with the nearest group. We have since become heavily involved with Renaissance faires and my husband and I are cast members at White Hart Renaissance Faire.

   Well seeing as how many people have something up on their religion, I felt ti time I did as well. What Is my faith? I'm Wiccan. studying the Faery Wicca Tradition. you can learn a bit more about it and about Wicca on my pages here. it is a vastly misunderstood religion.

For those that have been wondering, Yes I have a significant other, My Wonderfull Husband, name is Bob Simmons. Like I am a fae Kitty, he is a Dragon and as such I call him My dragon.

My Dragon and I got married in 2002 . I made pages all about it that I am slowly updating with planning information to what happened  at it. So far I have some pictures of it up and you can see those starting here! It's was a SCA medieval / renaissance fantasy style wedding. I plan to leave my pages up because I have gotten many Emails from people asking about where i found some of my items and for help on creating their own wedding in the style we used.

A gift from Lady Shai of the Ladies of the Myst

  And, well that's all I'm going to tell you about me on this page. You've learned enough as it is! So, have fun with the rest of my page and please sign my guest book when done!

The Dragon and the Fae Kitty

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The music on this page Sara Evan's "Born to fly" which is rather my personal theme song.