Yes you all read that right, The Dragon and I are getting married. We're so excited about it! It's to be June First 2002. AND it's to be a SCA medieval renaissance style wedding.
We've put up this page to let people, especially family, Friends, Wedding Party members and Guests learn a bit more about our upcoming nuptials.

Pictures have been put up! no text, and they are not quite in order, but you can see the pictures starting HERE 

The ladies of the Myst have given me two wonderful pages

The first page was a gift to bob and I before our wedding a year ago. you an go and see those pages HERE

The second page was a gift to us for our One year Anniversary and you can see those pages HERE

And because this is such a special event, I've added a guest book just for my Wedding pages so do please sign it! you can leave us comments or tips for our wedding, our marriage anything you think would be helpful!

A gift from lady Shai of the Ladies of the Myst for our wedding pages.
Thank you so much!

How did he ask me? Rings, Invitations and other wedding stuff Our wodnerful Attendants! Well, me, my dress, and thoughts on the wedding. Bob the dragon, his outfit and his thoughts on this.
Special deatails about the ceremony. Details about the reception Our Clothing, and wehre/ how to find clothing yourself. Special events to be held before the wedding (showers, parties ect) When what's happining in the here wedding.

More Gifts from the Ladies of the Myst for our wedding pages.
Thank you all ever so much. I love you all dearly.

from Diana Thank you!

 Also from Diana, Thank you! 

A lovely bride and Groom from Guendolen thank you

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The music on all of the wedding pages is "Tell Me a Fable" 
from the movie Ever After