I've always so proud of my father. He's just about everything you could want in a father; Smart, strong, Handsome (my mom used to watch Magnum PI just because Tom Sellick looks like my dad) and funny.
He was born and raised in Arkansas, the son of a Farmer, and also my Grandfather was in WW1. My father himself is a retired Lt. Col. US army Intelligence and Airborne (101st! the best!) Because of him, I got to have a very privileged upbringing. I've gotten to live  places some people only ever dream of visiting, seen things some people on see on tv, and in general lived a very full life, before I was 16.
When he retired he went back to collage and got his teaching license to teach history and Geography. For a while ,during the time I was still in High School, he substitute taught. I even had him as a teacher a few times. ANd I very much enjoyed it. in fact, Everyone enjoyed it, I had students coming up to me telling me what a great teacher my father is. He now teaches at the Middle school of the school he had graduated from. Walnut Ridge Middle school in Walnut ridge Arkansas. He's got a page on his classes at the school HERE. He is also a preacher and heads the small church of Christ congregation in Alicha AR.
I am not always the perfect daughter. At time is know I cause him much heartache and head ache, but no matter what, my Father is always my father and I love him dearly. I just at times, don't tell him that enough
As I have said, My father is Retired Military. He Served in the Vietnam. Because of my father, I have a very strong sense of Country and patriotism.  With the recent events in the world I can not have a page in tribute to my father with out saying something about that. It's very much a part of me that comes from him. I stand proudly and salute the flag, get angered by people saying  things against our men in uniform and our flag. For this, I thank my father, unlike many my age I am not just NOW finding my sense of country, because of my father, I always had it, and I've always been proud of that. But more proud of my father, the things he's stood for, and stands for still, Our country needs more men like him about these days

I don't have any photos of my dad Scanned in but some of the images below, to me, tell of him and the things he taught me. I only made one of them myself, the rest I collected off the internet.


 This is the image I made, Shortly after Sept. 11.

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