My sister and I used to get along like peas in a pod. I remember nights spent in her room where she read to me from the anne of green gables books, or the chronicles of perdyen ( the black cauldron books I dunno how to spell them) and other books. We had great times.  At Harding when I pledged Ka Re Ta a girls social club, she was my pledge sister, I still have the bottle and cat she gave me when I got in. 
She lives in California with her husband now, a really sweet guy I was matron of honor at their wedding since they wed while I was still with my ex. I know she doesn't approve of my current  living situation because she's made it very clear to me. in fact ever since my divorce she's been very cold to me. I miss the warmth we had together in the past.
She's a big fan of the Arthurian legends and has done papers and has a web page about them, you can go to her page HERE. she collects teapots,  and works in  a learning center,

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