The SCA is a a wonderful group of people that like to study and recreate the middle aces and renaissance eras. it's something that I wanted to get involved with ever since I heard about it. and now i have. it's loads of fun nd you learn so much nd make good friends. you can learn about how to do many things, from cooking, to sewing to herbs to candle making, and yes, even fighting. 
There is just so much to do. I highly recommend it if its something your interest in doing and if there is a local chapter near you. I've put bellow my account of my first SCA event that my Dragon and I went to. at the event we where know as Lord adar and Lady Vannesa, see you take on a new persona  that you use in the SCA, you pick a name a country and a time period and build up around it. its so interesting. I'm Lady Vannesa de Felis and Bob is Lord Adar la Dorgan.
Lord Adar La Doragon
Lady Vannesa De Felis

I've got a few pages up about what I've done so far in the SCA. Accounts of vents I've been to and just fun stuff. First off is my account of he Barony of Shattered Crystal's Annual Crystal ball. This was our first Event. Then I have some Photos from the Easter Fighter practice meeting that was held. after that a Written account of My second Event Awakenings, pictures are to come for that one when we get them developed

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The Middle Kingdom
The Barony of Shattered Crystal


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