Many thanks to the lovely people who gave me these awards
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From The Shard bard  Kenneth Ulric Amhranai tan Briongloid. I've been made a Knight of the the Order of St. Ulric, the order given to those who have a site full of beautiful words AND graphics. 

Please be sure to visit his page at The Abbey of St. Ulric the Eclectic by  clicking the image.

This award was given to my by a dear friend in Holland namd Ger.

My awards from my dear sister in the Myst Lady Shai. Thank you ever so much for these lovely awards, and unless I'm mistaken the last one was made just for Realm of the Fae kitty for my Wedding pages, thank you  dear sweet Shai

This award came as a surprise on my birthday from Beautiful one one of my Sisters in Ladies of the myst. Thank you  it helped make my 27th Birthday all the mores wonderful

The fur kids are a great bunch, please go and meet them.

Come and meet Kay and her Cats
This was given to me by another Jennifer who loves cats.

Lisaviolet and her friends would love to meet you !

Lisaviolet owns the club join it today!

The queen has spoken, please go and pay her your respects.
Queen Dorissimo and Bitsy have deemed my sight worthy of another award
This one is from Whyte Myst. an intriguing lady from Alaska.
Her page is definitely a must see it's wonderful
 From Knightess Dreamer of the Fantasy Sight fights!

From Linda's Country pugs, a wonderful sight.

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