OK! this page lists all the places I used to get graphics and Midi's and such for my page. Except for my Cyberpets, the links for them are next to them on the page they are on.

If you saw something you liked check them out but PLEASE be sure to give them credit for it. It's only manners after all

All images in my art pages NOT for Downloading with out permission they are all (C) by me. Please do NOT take them with out emailing me and asking permission.

I used page sets from the following places

A Lot of my self made sets use clip art  that I got from here
Clip art universe

I've used artwork from these artists on my pages.

I got most of my fonts from one of these pages.

Text was added to pre made sets and custom graphics sets where made for this page using  the following.

I got my most of my midis at one of these sights
or from a link off them

I Found most of my lyrics at this sight

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The music on this page is Starships "We Built this City"