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Newer Art
(works after 2000 that don't fit any place else)
(Painting title and a brief description of each is given)
 Fairy Tale Felines one
Softpaw as Rapunzel
Fairy tale Felines Two
Fiona as Little Red ridding hood
Fairy Tail Felines Three
Eshe as the kitchen maid in The Nightingale
Hello up there!
 Softpaw and Tikiki
Pin up of Ayumi

Pin up of Jara

 Wings of Seduction

pin up of Keria

Winter Fantasy

Pin Up of Adriana

Blue Roses

Pin up of Eshe

Are these shoes me?

Pin up of Softpaw

As you Wish

Pin up of Yasmin

Sweet Reader

Pin up of Fiona

Farewell to Innocence
 a young Softpaw and Jazz 
(see elfwood page for more info)
Parted never again
Softpaw and Jazz's Wedding day
(see elfwood page for more info)
Warmaker and Rumpelteazer
The Odd couple 
Lina and Sahiv
Love Immortal
Gunther and Kiska
Hyper and colorfull
Etcetera an Pisryl

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