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Older Art
(pre 1999)
This is of Dian, 
My Dryad Character. 
She's Stepping out of her tree 
Softpaw and Wirric (her now Ex Husband) in an archway to the castle gardens.
Softpaw, Wirric, Keith Oneil, and Meeki in the castle gardens at Cattassa
 Iilyra Ametyesoele, A character from when I played an RPG called earthDawn
Softpaw and Keith playing their instruments in the forests around the castle
Softpaw and Meeki off on a ride in the Dragon mountains of Cattassa. they ride Galvic ANd rainbow Light.
Softpaw and her pet mini dragon Sasha Her sword is leaning up against the tree 
Bunny Chan, Meeki and Softpaw (as the Cheshire cat) enacting the tea party scene from Alice
Softpaw on her wedding day (or to be on her wedding day..long story)

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The music on this page is "Mr. Misstoffelees" From the play "CATS"